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    • I ordered 3 or more patterns, why didn't I get free shipping?

    • Why can't I use two coupons?

    • I didn't get my discount (s).

    • Are the patterns brand new?

    • Do you accept returns?

    • What if I do not have a Paypal account?

    • Do you have a secure shopping cart?

    • Do you use stock photos?

    • Do you sell your patterns on any other sites?

    • What is your privacy policy?

    I ordered 3 or more patterns, why didn't I get free shipping? top

    You must be from the USA or Canada.

    You must choose the option "3 patterns or more" at checkout.

    Don't worry, if you didn't and you were charged for shipping with the purchase of 3 or more sewing I will not keep your money. It will be refunded:)

    Why can't I use two coupons? top

    The shopping cart only supports one coupon code at a time. If you leave me a message when checking out that you have two coupons, I will reimburse you for that coupon.

    I didn't get my discount (s). top

    If you didn't get your discounts, please contact me and I will make everything right with you!

    Are the patterns brand new? top

    No, all the patterns that I get have been previously owned. Although a lot of what I get are uncut.

    All patterns that have been cut are inspected to make sure they are complete. If they are not you can find incomplete patterns here. Nearly all patterns that are cut have been pressed as well.

    Most of my items come from other peoples homes from all over the country! I can't and won't guarantee that they come from homes where people have smoked cigarettes, had wood burning stoves, have been stored for many, many years and smell musty or if they have come from a pet free environment or any kind of environment where there may be allergens. I have even received patterns from people where loads of fabric softener sheets were thrown in the boxes or inside the pattern envelopes. If these things are a problem then these patterns may not be for you. I have over 40,000 patterns, most of them waiting to be listed, and when you have this amount of patterns, that is a whole lot of paper in one area that has come from many, many environments. Nearly all of my items are paper, and paper tends to be very hard to get an odor out of. Please consider this when you make a purchase! If odors are a problem I would suggest that you do not purchase as these patterns come from a bit of everywhere everywhere. 

    Do you accept returns? top

    I do my best to represent all my items in the way that you will get them, but if for some reason I have grossly misrepresented an item I will accept a return.

    I need to be contacted within 48 hours and the item must be returned within 7 days.

    If you are returning an item, it needs to be returned in the same exact condition that you received it. For example, if it is an uncut pattern, it needs to returned uncut.

    What if I do not have a Paypal account? top

    You do not need to have an account to pay with Paypal.

    You can still pay with your credit card through Paypal because they are a credit card processor and they will not retain your information if you do not create an account.

    Do you have a secure shopping cart? top

    Yes I do!

    All credit card and personal details are taken on a secure server through Mals.

    Do you use stock photos? top

    In 99.99% of my listings you are receiving the pattern in the picture. I want you to see what you are receiving. If I do use a stock photo, it is my photo that I took. I do not take photos from other sellers and put them on my website to pass them off as my own. Should I ever need to use a photo that someone else has taken, credits will be mentioned respectfully.

    Do you sell your patterns on any other sites? top

    I do list the same patterns here on other sites for a couple of different reasons. One being, more exposure and the second reason is because some buyers have their favorite site to buy from.

    Now, I check my sales very often(every few hours). So I get them marked SOLD or removed from other sites very quickly. If a pattern would happen to sell on two different sites it will go to the first buyer. All sales that I get are time stamped. If for any reason this should happen, the second buyer will get a FULL refund.

    What is your privacy policy? top

    Your Pattern Shop will not sell or disclose your name or email address to third parties without your consent.

    The information that is collected from your transactions is used for the service you have requested.

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